Heat treatment

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On-site heat treatment

  • Pre/Concurrent heat is used for welding application to reduce moisture and thermal strains by minimizing the heat difference between the heat affected zone (HAZ) or weldement area and the surrounding work piece. Such applications include pipe work, fabrication or repairs to pressure vessels or high strain areas. Pre/Concurrent heat helps prevent cracking during welding and can prolong the life of the welded area.

  • Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT) This process is also known as “STRESS REILIVING” as it eliminates stresses caused by welding by utilizing calculated processes according to the material, material thickness and welding used. Welding stresses causes uneven hard areas around the welding area which can lead to cracking or full failure of that weld. PWHT processes heats, soaks and cools the material at calculated rates to return the molecular compound to that before the welding. PWHT can be used on any fabrication to relieve welding stresses. PWHT is most commonly used on pressure vessels, high pressure pipe work or high strain areas.
  • Expansion fitting or removal. This process very accurately and evenly heats gears, bearings or bushes to allow them to expand allowing them to be fitted or removed on/from a shaft or where ever it may need to be fitted or removed.
  • De-Gassing is the process in which heat is applied to expand the molecules of a metal releasing hydrogen gasses allowing the material to be welded and re-used.
  • Dry-Out of furnace refractory  or glues is the process of heating and ventilation to remove all moistures or to dry glues. This is commonly used in relined furnaces Glues used on seals or gaskets.
  • Annealing, Hardening or Normalizing is the process of heating and cooling at calculated rates to harden, soften or normalize metals. This is commonly done on castings, materials needing machining or cold formed metals.
  • Furnace Heat treatment we have the equipment and experience to build on-site temporary, permanent, electric or gas furnaces.

Furnace Heat Treatment

  • We have a small furnace at our Boksburg premise with can be used for the above processes. We can transport and heat treat 1kg to 3 tons.

Sales and Service

  • We at African Heating Gauteng can customize equipment to suit any needs that our clients require. We sell and service any and all heat treatment equipment. (see equipment)
  • All our technicians are trained in house according to the OEM hand manuals to operate all the equipment optimally and safely. Our technicians are graded annually and will not be put on any job they are not 110% capable of doing.