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African Heating Gauteng was registered in 2000 and we achieved BBBEE level 4 in 2005. Our managers are in among the best in their field and have a combined experience of over 100 years in the heat treatment business.At African Heating Gauteng we strive to supply a professional and satisfactory but most of all safe heat treatment service. For your convenience we are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.African Heating Gauteng supplies services from Pre-heat to post weld heat treatment, annealing to sales and service (see services). We constantly upgrade and research new equipment so we have the means to service Power stations, Heavy mining equipment but we are small enough to handle any light engineering need. We service Southern Africa and available for international contracting.

Why use Heat treatment:

Heat treatment can be used to apply pre heat which removes moisture and eliminates thermal strains caused during welding which may cause cracks.

Post weld heat treatment removes the stresses caused during welding and returns the meteorological composition.

Heat treatment can be used to soften metals for improved machining stability, and to harden metals to improving resistance to corrosion and caustic embrittement. These methods can save you thousands in high wear areas or in machining tools. Heat treatment can save time and money by preventing weld repairs and increasing the life of the alloy.

Local heat treatment or Electrical resistance heating can evenly and very precisely heat pieces or even a large mass of steel. Ceramic electrical elements are separately controlled to minimize heat variation or local hot spots. This is the most cost invective and precise form of heat treatment.